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Terms & Conditions

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1. Fuel
The Vehicles are delivered with a FULL or any fuel in the tank and must be returned with either FULL tank or equivalent.

2. Insurance
our entire vehicle are covered with third party insurance, And all passengers are covered with passengers liability.  The hirer is responsible for any Loss or Damage to the vehicle caused by negligence, road conditions or accident where no other vehicle is involved. Full Comprehensive Insurance is available and can be arranged on request.

3. Breakdowns
In the event of a breakdown, Cell phone +265 (0) 999 807 183 / 0888 585 675. If the breakdown is due to Hirer’s negligence, a charge will be made for recovery and rectification of the vehicle.

4. Terms of Payment
There is a minimum advance payment of $500 required prior to collecting any vehicle, Mode of payment preferbly is cash in all major currencies are accepted. Or Advance Bank Transfer.
5. Government VAT
All hiring charges do not include VAT and the Value Added tax is charged at 16.5% for the total cost of Hiring.

6. Drivers
the Minimum age of all driving our vehicles are 23, Local and international driving licence is acceptable on all classes of vehicles with a minimum of two year experience.

7. Chauffeurs
If you prefer to be driven by Our friendly, experienced chauffeurs are available at USD$10 per day. Chauffeurs are entitled to USD$30 per night as allowance towards meals and accomodation when spending the night away from base.

8. Car Return Policy
Cars hired in Lilongwe, are supposed to be returned in Lilongwe. Therefore all cars hired in Lilongwe and dropped/returned at any other point, a fee of US$ 100.00 will be charged for Saloon cars and US$ 150.00 for 4x4s and Buses.
9. Extension Of Hire
Extending the Hiring period should be done by contacting the hiring office. The renting cost will be affected.